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SEO, Social Media and Growth Hacking Blog

28 July, 2015

How to explain SEO to your boss?

Either if you are a manager in a large company or in a SMB and you need authorization to invest money you’re gonna need to explain […]
24 May, 2015

SEO test tabs

I’m testing if tabs are being indexed by Google in its different versions. This is for the english version of the search engine.
23 December, 2014

Adapting messages to the market

For the beginning of Christmas Holidays we were thinking about giving the website some changes, there was a picture of me that I don’t like very much, […]
10 December, 2014

SEO for 2015 with @SEMrush at #SEMrushChat

Today we had a great twitter chat with marketers from all over the world on Twitter under the hashtag #semrushchat. I made a Storify of some […]
26 November, 2014

Jordi Aymerich: 3 things to learn about emerging markets

Jordi Aymerich is a Marketing professor at Universitat de Barcelona: We usually think we can only learn from the most developed markets and not from any […]
26 November, 2014

Growth Hacking: 60% of startups of Barcelona are interested in working with Growth Hackers

Growth Hacking is a recent term, coined in 2010 by Sean Ellis, which refers to the set of techniques used by companies (especially technology-based) to rapidly […]

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